Victory conditions changed?

Currently I am playing a turn-based game which appears to have standard conditions.

The specified victory condition is 50 % of all stars.

All the starting players except for me have either quit or been kicked for inactivity.

In previous turn-based games when I have been the last human player standing I have been offered the option of claiming victory even though I had not yet occupied 50% of all stars.

But this time I haven’t been given that option.

Has that option been removed ? Or is there some condition ( unmet in my game) which has to be fulfilled before the claim win option is extended ?

There is an algorithm written by Jay in the game. It evaluate the strength of your empire and compares to the other remaining empires, regardless of whether human or AI. When the algorithm determines that there is little to no doubt that you are strong enough to defeat all remaining empires, then the Leaderboard will offer you the button to “Accept Victory”, instead of waiting longer to actually achieve victory.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is how it works.

Thanks for that.

I am not surprised that my empire doesn’t meet the algorithm’s threshold of being strong enough to defeat all the others as 5 AI empires have more stars than me.

(I am watching them fight each other while I grow stronger.)

It might be a long game !

@JayKyburz @xjhdexter I thought if you were at the top of the leaderboard and the last human player, then you would be able to “Accept Victory”… Is there really an algo like described by xjhdexter instead?

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Yes, there is no fancy algorithm. I can’t remember if you need to be on top of the leaderboard or just the last human player.

Nothing has changed here in the last year or so at least.

It’s not the last human player.
I have been in a stalemate with 7 AI for 3 +wks, but behind all of them.

No hope for winning, nor a option for winning.

I think I have it sussed.

For the “Accept victory” button to appear 2 conditions must be satisfied :

  1. You must be the last human player standing.

  2. You must have the biggest empire.

Having the biggest empire is not necessarily the same as being on top of the leaderboard.

I got to the top of the leaderboard without the “accept victory” button appearing because empires that have been kicked for inactivity appear at the foot of the leaderboad and one of them had more stars than me.

Once I became the empire with the most stars the “Accept victory” button popped up.

OK, so (and I may be dense here in not seeing this before), if a bunch of humans want to concede victory, everyone but the leader just quits?

Correct. Typically we do it in reverse order to help ensure no foul play attempts to thwart the expected outcome.

That is to say, 3rd place guy concedes…then 2nd place guy, then 1st place guy can accept victory without slogging thru the endgame to get the required number of stars when it is inevitable anyways.