Any of you guys want to record a gameplay video like the one I did here?

I would love to share it around twitter and facebook. I think players would love to see how other players do it!

Doesn’t have to have top notch production values, just as long as players can see whats going on and there is not too much swearing. (I tend to swear a lot when I try)

You could do just 10 minute snippet like I did, or I was thinking it would be cool to do a time lapse video of a whole single player play though!

I’d be very happy to reward every video submission with 50 Hero Coins!

edit: Oh also, as well as using the video for promotional purposes, I would really like to see how you use the interface and how you play. It might really help me understand how to improve the interface!


That’s kind of an interesting idea to me - if I did it I would do find a level to do a half tutorial on dragonhelm knights, but if I did want to spend that much time I cant help but feel I’m better writing up a guide. If nothing else I know nothing of
recording a browser
adding text annotations to a video/ audio to a video
where/how to upload
Looks like it would take hours, which feels better spent elsewhere if I wanted to help players in blight


Perhaps for someone who already has a lot of editing experience. Are there any Youtubers covering Blight?


This could be fun! I’ll look into putting one together next weekend.


Are you looking for more explanation type videos or promotion type videos?

50 hero coins eh?

I’m a videographer by trade, so this may be right up my alley.

My suggestions as someone who does a lot of content development (esp. for the web)

If it’s not meant to be entirely instructional, it’s best to keep it under 2 minutes.

Even if it is instructional short and sweet tends to be better.

I’ll make a simple one running through a scenario, then we’ll go from there :smile:


Sounds great @thethanx.

ps: I can do a lot better that 50 hero coins for great videos :wink:


Well honestly, from a gameplay standpoint I’m still pretty new to tactics, so I won’t be making too many of those any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, if you have any more specific directions for what you’re looking for video-wise that would be stellar. Video’s always come out 1000x better when the person who wants the video has a clear idea of what the video is about, why they’re making it, and who the intended audience is. Feel free to PM me and I’d be happy to discuss more details.

I’ll really quick just run through a scenario, edit out the fluff and send you that: no VO, no fancy tricks… just a play quick game start to finish. We can build from there :smile:


I was just thinking people would just like to watch other people playing. I think some times people need to see a game moving and before they understand what its all about.


Here’s a quick video of me playing “Serpent Rivers”

Very simple. I cut it down a bit and sped it up so it wasn’t 45 minutes long. I’d imagine that ideally these videos would have more polish… slowing down for important tactical sections… explanations as to what you’re doing and why, and maybe a light music bed.

But doing all that stuff is real work, and I try not to work to much after I get home.


Great job @thethanx! I’ll fix you up with some coins! Does your blight account use the email as your forum account?


Yup. Thank you. Feel free to link off that or I can send you the source file on my G drive.

I’m happy to continue to make videos similar to that as I play through the free campaign stuff.

If you want something flashier, feel free to PM me.


Here’s a video of me engaging in a fairly large battle. I use a lot of abilities, and even buy a card to go from way behind to winning. I think it encapsulates gameplay relatively well.


Those are neat, but I have to say I really miss some of explanation for what you are looking at and why you are doing certain things. I know most of it anyway from experience, but it seems odd not having it explained as you go.


Yeah, I agree that that’s a missing element.

I honestly am so new to the game that I didn’t feel comfortable trying to explain my “strategy” when most of it is probably not that great.

Also I was more going for something I could do quick and easy, and like Jay, I tend to mutter, swear and otherwise say things totally incoherent when I try to talk while I’m playing.

I think what would be better would be someone doing very specific “tactics” videos, explaining advanced strategy in short 5 min chunks. Anyone with the proper game experience I’d be willing to help, because it’s a pretty easy process.

If you would like to give commentary, I’d be happy to add it as an overdub :wink:


Wanted to mention that I haven’t forgotten about this! All my recording equipment died on me at once, so I’ve been unable to do the stuff I wanted to. But the new headset and mic are both in the mail, so I should be able to finish up these videos I’ve got scripted relatively soon! :smiley:


Thanks @DrBwaa, we look forward to it!


If you’re willing, I’m also looking for a couple of choice moments for a video for steam. If you happen across a juicy encounter or care to share a tid bit, I’d love to use it.


Of course. What sort of thing are you looking for? Stills, clips, or just links to games where something cool is going on?


clips/hi res stills of big battles about to take place, Hi res stills/clips of your card collection. Clips of you activating abilities that cause huge changes in a board state.