Viewing stars and ships

When viewing details of a star it would be nice to see the time of arrival of all carriers at the star and who owns the carrier. Also it would be nice to see the amount of ships already on the star separated by the carriers. If a carrier is out of your scanning range but headed to the star, that carrier should not be listed. This will be much easier to read than trying to click through 4 or 5 carriers to determine how many ships the star will have at a certain time for an attack.

One example is one of my warpgates has a loop of 5 ships leaving and arriving all the time. I cannot determine how many ships will be at the warpgate unless I click through all of the carriers individually and calculate the arrival times to determine the number of ships at a certain time. Having it organized a little better on the star they will arrive at will save a lot of trouble in calculating arrival times. Maybe put the arrival times and total ships for each carrier right over premium features under the star details.

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