Vote to end the game


It might be nice to be able to initiate a vote of active players in a game to call an end to the game with the current leaderboard. Sort of like a diplomatic victory.


This is a good idea.
The way we’ve got around this in the past is for people to quit, starting at the bottom of the leaderboard and working upwards (although this still requires a bit of trust for players to actually quit).

Would you need 100% of the vote for it go be accepted?


I’d say it would have to be 100% accepted for it to trigger the end. If there is one holdout, they may end up becoming a target. If everyone wants peace but one person, that person becomes a target.

Perhaps having it as an option during creation, so that people don’t have to play with that option.


Ditto what Andy said … when it’s clear how the game is going to finish, rather than go through the slog of the end game, I’ve simply sent around a PM to the remaining players suggesting a quit in order and I’m happy to let leader take the win.