Warning: Read and Unread Messages!


Hey All,

I’m about to check in some new code that will probably break what messages you have read and have not.

I’ve coded up a new method of tracking this on the server, and I hope it will be much faster and more accurate.

You will probably have to do a “Mark All As Read”. Perhaps even a couple of times.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the new system in the coming days or weeks.



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Kind of freaked me out for a second. Just saw this happen in a turn based game that you might want to log into in the next 10 minutes. Just saying :smiley:


I’ve been busy coding up stuff! And anyhow, there is that other guy holding the game up.


Just wanted you to get your turn submitted. I didn’t expect the turn to finish early. BTW, I like the new UI modifications.


It certainly woke me up when I rolled out of bed, checked my Ipad, and saw what I assumed to be 60 battle notifications :stuck_out_tongue:


Can this be unpinned now?