Warning, toxic player gaslighting community

Hey guys! BOsshOgg here. I know it has been a while and once my life starts to settle I will come back to the 1v1 tourneys, but for now I am just doing some casual 64p to get back into it. Unfortunately, I am not here for some fun news.

I know the one thing that sucks in any game is when people are being toxic or unprofessional, just thought you guys should know there is someone named Triste Andii is in my game that is being incredibly toxic and is gaslighting his own allies (me and 3 others). Now he isn’t betraying or killing us (like he did to his past allies in this game already), but he is actively and knowingly working against us while only insulting us the entire time. For example, we merged our alliances a couple weeks ago (my alliance and Capzero’s alliance). After we established what to research, he basically didn’t care about it and was researching what I was researching despite the fact that he was lagging behind 12 hours only to receive it from me anyways. He also is communicating with the enemy and is alleging that we are trying to betray him because the enemies he is talking to say that we will. This guy hasn’t said a single alliance related/useful transmission this entire game and has only gaslighted or insulted us XD.

Normally, I would just cut ties and call it a day, but that is unfair for the other players in my alliance who are trying their best to be disciplined and not lash out. So I am just doing the only thing I can which is letting you guys know to keep your distance from this guy and to beware. This guy is peak Slicertos times 1000 lol.

I will update this thread once I am informed of his True Alias, but for now I attached a photo of his account details so you can keep watch for it. (His badges and rank).

Also, as an add on, CapZero is also as toxic who is Triste Andii’s ally who keeps supporting his actions against my allies

That sucks. Why don’t you team up with some others and take him out?

@BOsshOgg - Have you fired up the General Lee to run those varmints out of Hazzard County? :wink: