Warp gate question?

if i am attacking enemy warp gate without seeing if it is warp gate or not… (low scan range) does my fleet still gets x3 boost ? or only if I can see with my scans ?

You don’t have to see it. But if it gets broken you won’t have the speed bonus and you wont know about it.

Won’t it be visible in the ship’s ETA that the warp gate got broken?

EDIT I did some testing.

A carrier normally flies 1/3 LY per tick between stars that are not two operating WGs.

A carrier flies 1 LY per tick between 2 operating WG. Scanning tech is not involved. If one of those WGs becomes destroyed or one of those stars become abandoned while that carrier is still in flight, then that carrier will fly 1/3 LY per tick.

The ECON, IND, SCI and WG on a star become non-operating when that star is abandoned. They will become operating again when the star becomes claimed again.

Shortcut key “v” will give you the ruler to measure distances.

Clicking on that carrier can show its remaining ETA until destination.