Warp Gates: Understanding intricacies

Please help me understand the particulars, I have read a few other posts but they were not able to explicitly clarify the issue for me.

Q1 - If a fleet is en route between 2 un-gated stars, then gates are built on both stars, will the fleet go warp speed?

Q2 - A fleet is en route between 2 gated stars. Next, the destination warp gate is destroyed and the ship travels at normal speed. If the warp gate is rebuilt, will the fleet go warp speed again?

Thank you very much

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The travel speed of fleets is calculated every tick and as such it can change every time there is or is not a warpgate.

(There must be a warpgate on a source and destination star for the warp speed.)

A1: yes
A2: yes


The other oddity that I’ve just noticed (to my disadvantage) is that it doesn’t matter whether you own the destination. So if you build a warp gate, other people can use it to attack more easily.

oh yeah, sorry for the confusion. There are only two conditions for a warp speed. The one I listed and that a star must be owned for the warpgate to work, ie when someone abandons a star, the warpgate won’t work.

Yes, when you are getting attacked you have to shut down any gates you don’t want the enemy to use.

Yeah, which seems counter-intuitive to me - the word ‘gate’ implies some level of control, and it’s how I’ve seen it work in most science fiction movies: open the gate at both ends, let a ship through. If there are bad guys at the other end, why would you open it?

It’s more about the tunnel than about the gate.

I think in terms of a ‘warp beacon.’ Either there is an active beacon at a given star that everyone’s fleets can ‘see’ and use or there isn’t one and no one can.


Another thing - I believe you must be able to see the star in your scanning range to gain the warp speed.

I don’t believe that is accurate. If both stars have gates you will receive the speed boost beginning the first tick after your carrier launches. However, the ETA pre-launch will reflect the non-warp speed since your browser can’t see that both stars have gates. Only the server knows for sure.

Also, it would be very easy to know if some enemy star has a warp gate: just fake a launch.

Can we actually confirm the functionality of a “blind warp gate” connection? If anyone has tried it, please confirm/deny.

Your question was answered here:

(Warping to unscanned star)

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But it still doesn’t work on stars nobody has ever taken yet, right?

The WGA does not function on uninhabited/abandoned stars

I really like this. I think players are getting confused about the term gate because the don’t act like gates.

Mind if I use it and change the name officially in game?


I definitely don’t mind. I’d be glad if this idea is useful!