Warpgate malfunction (bug)


Ok here’s the situation:

System a and b distance 6 hours (warpgate distance 2 hours)

System A has warpgate.
Build warpgate on system B 1 minute before tick.
Send fleet from system A to system B 2 seconds before tick.

Here’s the magic:
Fleet moves 1/6th, and still reports 5h travel time left, after tick.My mind blown.



Did you re-calibrate the anti-matter injectors? That usually does the trick.
If not then check the Heisenberg compensators, they should be in sync.


If all those checked out, are you sure the client had enough time to send the data before the server moved the Tick? I suspect the gate build didn’t report but the waypoint did. I suspect you were waiting so others couldn’t see you build the warp gate and that caused the problem.


I built the warpgate first, thats why I’m posting this. Since they moved, I know the orders got registered.
The gate was built, I even checked to see if I could tear it down before I sent the orders