Warping to unscanned star


An ally tells me there is a warp gate on a star within range but which I can’t scan. I directed my ship from a warp star to that other unscanned warp star, but am given a non-warp eta.

Do warp stars work between stars outside of scanning range?

Warp Gates: Understanding intricacies

Answering my own question:

Even though it shows the non-warp time before you leave the star, once your carrier has left the star it shows the warp time. Warp gates work between non-scanned stars. As they should.

Warp Gates: Understanding intricacies

Yep, I had this happen. Once you leave, it shows up.

I know, I didn’t believe my ally either :slight_smile:


This was broken for a while… if you destroyed or built warp gates they’d show up for everybody else immediately. Now, if you’re planning to warp in to attack somebody there’s always the chance the gate is gone.


Exactly! But I took a leap of faith.