Waypoint bug

Over the last few years I encountered a weird queueing bug during in my games, but I could not pinpoint it enough to make a bug report. Today I encountered it again, so here goes.

The scenario:

  • I create a fleet at star A,
  • add a waypoint to star A,
  • add a waypoint to star B,
  • save and edit the first waypoint (to A) to make it wait say 4 hours,
  • save again
  • go do other stuff and return to the game 4 hours later …

Expected result:

  • view fleet and expect it to leave A in 0 hours

Actual result:

  • view fleet and see it will leave A in another 4 hours

The bug can also occur if I double-queue a star in a longer sequence.

More context:
I play Neptune’s Pride via multiple devices over the span of the day: my home PC early morning and in the evening, my mobile to check during the day, and oftentimes on the office laptop (uhh oh). Most of the time I play a single game simultaneously. I learned the hard way to not just continue a running game on any device, but rather begin by logging out and then rejoining. This will make sure I see the most current game info, which should prevent me from seeing the aforementioned bug.

I hope it can be fixed, because I depend on scheduling fleets a lot.