Weapon level up not used till next tick

I have noticed in the messages that despite the message about a weapon upgrade coming first during a tick the subsequent attacks in that tick still use the previous weapons tech level.

Yes this also happened to me yesterday

This happened to me the other day too, I was quite upset :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too, I wept openly for several hours.

I was going for a home world and ended up missing it by 2 ships (and then lost the star I launched my attack from!)

I feel your pain :frowning:

This was known before… I always thought of that as expected behavior.

But if you’re pushing your science to get a weapons boost to coincide with an impending attack / defense of the same time, and it doesn’t come through then it doesn’t seem right.

I agree. It should use the new weapons level. You could launch an attack that would lose with your current weapons level but right when the fight happens it levels up and you win. It adds another level of strategy

Not really. The strategy is already there, you just have to remember the new Weapons tech will only be usable the next tick, and sync accordingly.

There are other techs that do not activate at the same tick it is achieved, like Experimentation and Banking. But, I agree at least the battle event should appear before the tech discovery.

I totally forgot about that! I guess it makes sense that it takes weapons an extra tick for it to activate. Personally I would like to change all of them to activate the first tick. Its so annoying when you get a lv of experimentation done at the cycle but don’t get the extra points =/

Hrm, I think you are right. Perhaps when I add some new techs I should do them earlier in the tick. I can’t remember “why” they happen last.

Perhaps its so that if you capture science in combat, that science is added right away.

Although thinking about it that way, it probably makes more sense that you have to wait a tick to gain the benefit of the science/manufacturing at a star you just conquered, to represent your take-over of the facilities and the delay in getting things back up to speed. So manu/science first, including possible tech increases like weapons, followed by ship movement/combat.

Part of the problem is that the order the messages are displayed does not match what happens, so you get a message saying weapons has been upgraded but if the next message is a combat the weapon upgrade is not used.

If the upgrade is not going to be used put it after the combat.

(These are all things which happen on the same tick).

FYI that I filed a bug report about correctly ordering events …

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As long as people know when they’ll get it, there’s no problem - it’s the same for everyone after all.

One way to make it clearer for the players would be to add something to the Research screen - probably next to the “Current Research ETA” counter - either a note to explain that it will become active after the tick (not on it), or perhaps add an additional minute/second on to the ETA counter (this is a messy idea - but might prompt someone else to come up with an improvement!).