Weekday only games?

The most fun I have had with this game was the one time when it was all friends from my real life playing.

I recently proposed to some friends that we start a game, and two people responded immediately “I am in if we don’t have to log in on weekends”. Is there a way to pause the entire game if everybody agrees, or to even set it so that it doesn’t advance on weekends?

Obviously we could set it to 48 hour turns, but that still has a chance of cutting into their weekends and making everything go slower during the week.

I would really love to get my friends involved, and they have made it clear this is a priority for them.

If you create a game with a password, you have a Pause button in the Options menu.

Awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the help!

Anytime. Glad I could help.