Welcome to the new IHG Forums

Thanks for visiting the new Iron Helmet Game Forum.

Please feel free to discuss any topic vaguely related the the games we make.

Woohooo! I love the suggestions on how to post, I’m not sure this post adds anything but here I am!

This format will take some getting used to.

I will now do more than lurk on the forums. Using G+ made me nervous for security… so far I like the new forums… Good job, nice game! Too addictive though. :smile:

Yes, I think people are starting to distrust Google and Facebook.

It’s a big job, but I think I want to have my own login system for the games. I’ll ditch the social login buttons.

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That’d be great… I don’t mind using Yahoo to login, since it is not my main account… :smile:

But in the long run, I’d rather have a Triton/IH login, yes!

At last a proper forum! I hated “the other place”. A smart move for all of us I’m convinced.

I think this will be much better in terms of organization and discussion, it will just take some getting used to after all that time on G+.

Good decision @JayKyburz!

A very humble avatar Peter.

Thanks Jay… although I feel it best reflects my age rather than my status!

@JayKyburz would I be right in saying that private messaging isn’t up and running in this forum beta?

Hello everyone! I love a good forum I do :slight_smile:

This’ll be weird I’ve escaped forums for a while now. I like the posting ui already. :slight_smile:

@JayKyburz, Hi !
I’m not used to lots of forums (actually, the classic old forums are the only I can think of) so my opinion it’s probably unexperienced:
This forum system is mother f***king awsome! Seriously, it’s so oriented to develop a discussion and even has built-in ramification… I never seen somthing alike (but, as I said, I never seen many forums either : P )
I can’t see the “powered by” link, so I’m assuming is custom built. If (this is the case) { ¿Do you plan to share/sell this? } else { ¿Can you let me know where I can get this platform? }
PS : So far I really like your game, thoug I will probably join the hordes of “suggester”

@pacoelayudante we use this forum software

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Thank you! : D