What are the mechanics of decalring war


Rather new, and couldn’t find this anywhere.

What are the mechanics of declaring war?
The FAQ says that any carrier landing on a star before the 24 hours is up will be converted to enemy control.

So, my questions.
Is it any carrier landing on any star before the 24 hour is up, or any carrier on a star at the end of the 24 hour mark?

If it’s the later, if you see an ally jumping towards you with a large fleet, can you declare war to gain his ships when they land?



By default you are already at war with everyone else in the galaxy. What you’ve read just concerns formal alliances, and is a little dated.

Currently with the formal alliance mechanics, if memory serves me correction, you and your allies can garrison ships on each others stars without them being owned by the other. So, for example, if you have 200 ships on your allies star they are still your 200 ships that can be moved and controlled solely by you.

This mechanic is always in effect while you are allied. Once you break the alliance, the whole galaxy gets notice, and the alliance mechanics are still in effect UNTIL the 24 hour mark. After the 24 hours, any former allied ships garrisoned on the star attacks the stars owners garrisoned ships.


Yep - at the 24 hour mark, you lose the scan capability of your former ally but still co-exist on the same start … but will fight the very next tick.


Great, thanks, that makes more sense, and is much less exploitable.