What counts as "logged in" for AFK?

So, once a game is in progress and the player has logged in at least once, they have to log in every 71 ticks or they go AFK. But what does “logged in” mean, exactly? If someone goes on vacation for a week, but leaves their computer running with a browser pointed at the game the whole time, are they logged in that whole week and therefore immune to becoming AFK (barring a power outage)? What if their Internet connection temporarily goes out? Is this an advantage for premium players, because non-premium occasionally have to answer the prompt about upgrading? Or is a player still considered logged in while the upgrade prompt is there?

I ask because we have a player who’s giving all the appearances of being AFK for more than 71 ticks, but hasn’t been marked AFK. He’s made no purchases and all his ships seem to be following pre-programmed moves. He’s sent no messages about his stars being taken. It’s kinda spooky. I realize it’s possible he logged in without purchasing anything some hours after his last purchase, but the longer it goes on, the less likely that seems to still be the case.

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I had this happen too but then I looked at his tech and his manufacturing, banking, and terraforming jumped. I know who he was trading with too. Also it might be possible that he spent a bunch of money on warp gates. I did that one day just so I can attack the AFK players faster. All my ships were on the other side of my empire and I had to get there fast. Look at his techs and see if he has been trading with anyone. He might be planning for an attack and just upgrading his techs.

Neither I nor my allies that can scan him have seen any new warp gates coming online. Only one tech has been regularly increasing. One other does have an increase, but we’ve now reached 72 ticks since that happened. Maybe he’ll be timing out shortly. I’d still like to know if just leaving a computer logged in is enough to keep from being marked AFK, though.

I think you have to make some move before you are AFK. Building infrastructure, a warp gate, moving ships, or trading. I don’t know what all is considered AFK. The extra tech might be from experimentation. He could’ve made a move a few hours after he built the industry, probably by moving ships around. That would mean he might’ve gone AFK a few hours after and you cannot pick up with the intel.

And he just timed out! (But the question remains.)

You need to make some change to your empire as @jason3609 says.

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