What happens on a strength tie?


If two armies clash and have identical strength, which army wins?


I’m really not sure! I’m trying to engineer this scenario in a tutorial to find out, but it’s harder than I thought it would be.


I made the game and I dont even know. I’ll have to look it up.


This kind of matters a lot for our campaign. A single 500 strength Necromancer Lord is moving in to an Ent Grove with a single 500 strength neutral Ent defending it.

If the Lord wins, he’ll die… but he’ll blight the territory and kill all the Ents and maybe instantly raise them before his saving throw? Worst case scenario?


OK, I just looked at the code, and unfortunately it’s essentially random right now.


Does the instant raise happen before the Lord’s saving throw, or will he at least die first before raising everything?


The rise won’t happen if he dies in the combat.


To the FAQ!


This actually happened in our recent Jester’s Ball match; a player sent a Hydra against a Blighted Hydra. Both units died, and the living Hydra left a Restless Corpse. But this was on a random swamp tile, so not sure what would happen on a settlement. I’d say what should happen is all units die, the living units leave Restless Corpses, but the settlement remains unblighted until something raises. That would give the living units a window to burn the corpses & save the settlement.


What ended up actually happening was that the battle preview window said the Necromancer Lord would win with a 100% chance of being killed. We kinda panicked a bit.

But then the Necromancer Lord and the Ent died and the Grove was just fine. No Battlefield Grave, no Restless Souls, Grove was just fine.


Sounds like what actually happened was that the Ent “won”, since the living don’t become restless souls as long as they win the fight, even if they all die. Whereas in @MikeLemmer’s case, the blighted Hydra won (and then died), leaving the restless soul of the living one.

Between the two of you, you’ve quite neatly confirmed Jay’s assessment of the result being random. Nice!


I would expect if everyone died in a battle, there should be restless corpses. After all, who’s around to burn them?


I think flavor-wise if the mortals win but all die, it’s not that they were all killed outright in battle, but that they were greviously injured, and therefore had time to burn all the bodies before succumbing to their wounds.

That, or in the event of a victory, the nameless, faceless noncombatants in the army (cooks, medics, smiths, hangers-on) can burn all the bodies, but they’re all quietly slaughtered if the zombies win.