What is the progress with proteus

I recently got into Neptunes pride with “people make games” 's video

and I must say I am hooked,

i have gathered 12 of my friends and we started a game, currently we are on 17th cycle and only 4 of us left, it kind a turned into this cold war, where nobody wants to be the first one to attack,

i am just constantly checking my phone if truce is broken or not… politics is through the roof, there are more stuff going on on the chat then actualy board,

anyways, i have also noticed the “proteus” version, I am intrigued, I wanna give that one a go,
but i notice public game is 5/16 at the moment,

is there a way i can create my own proteus game ? i would love to try that with my friends

Jay has given me the super powers to create NP2 Triton or NP3 Proteus custom games. Most of the settings are the same or similar as NP2 Triton game creation, however there are no technology initial settings, since those have become racial strengths & weaknesses. You will need to be familiar with the NP3 Proteus rules.

Send a forum PM to me, and I can create a custom game for you.

thank you,
we are close to finishing our regular game, I wanna wait until I finish it
let me ask my friends who is in, I will PM you