What is the result of researching Experimentation?


The help says:

On production, your scientists will conduct experiments that will unlock
X*72 points of research in a random technology where X is your
experimentation tech level.

Now, each technology has 144 levels, so does this advance one of the technologies by 72 points?

But researching a technology advances it by 1 point, right? (Building more science reduces the time this takes, but not the number of points by which the reseearched technology advances.)

This can’t be correct because you could reach level 144 in everything by researching Experimentation at most 14 times.

So how does it work? (And please can we update the help!)


I think you confuse research levels and research points:

For example you need 144 points of research, to advance a technology from level one to level 2.
Experimentation produces points of research, not research levels directly.
So in your example after 14 uses of experimentation, you might achieve level 2 in every technology.
But keep in mind that the research points generated by experimentation are allocated randomly to one technology at each production.

Hope that helps!


And the points needed for each higher level go up. For level 2 you need 144 points, but for level 3 are 288 points needed, etc


Thank you, that explains it.


The base (Normal) research is 144 points times the current level, but there are also other settings. Cheap is 72 points per level, Expensive is 216. There are also Very Expensive (288) and Crazy Expensive (360).