What time zone is the server in?


What time is the server in?

It tells me 22:00 for the next cut off for submitting turn, how do I know what time zone that is.

Is it the same reported time for my friends, that are in the same game?



That 22:00 is ur time. I assume it works off ur devices time. Different time zones see different times adjusted to their zone. So ur cutoff time is actually 10pm. Idk where the server is.

I don’t use the forum much but saw this in my email. Do I know u from the game? What name?


@fawkernot I’m pretty sure that the time reported is your local time.

“I don’t use the forum much but saw this in my email. Do I know u from the game? What name?”
@Brand I’m assuming it’s got something to do with this:

This may not be the reason, but I can’t think of any other reason why you might have gotten an email.


same name as here, fawkernot

game name is Zeta Sargas

a lot of people dropped out


@fawkernot , do you have the game number or hyperlink for that game Zeta Sargas ?


The server converts times to local time zones detected from the browser on the PC or device. So players might play NP2 from around the world, but read times according to their local familiar time zone.

Shortcut key “L” shows the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard reports galactic cycles & game ticks, which can be helpful for planning and strategizing with your allies via diplomatic emails.


TL;DR: Date format is done on your computer.

The client is written in JavaScript and runs in your browser.

The exact piece of code which formats the time is Crux.formatDate(universe.galaxy.turnDue).

universe.galaxy.turnDue stores an abstract date-time object which is a non-localised pointer to a specific date and time This date-time will be the same for all players and doesn’t have a time-zone. It’s quite often stored as milliseconds since 00:00 1st January 1970 UTC.

Crux.formatDate takes the date-time object and converts it into a localised string which depends on your browser and system settings. You can read the source code at this link, just search for “Crux.formatDate = function”.

If you set your system time to a different time zone, specifically configure your browser to ignore your system time or have your system clock set to the wrong time then the turn deadline will be incorrect. The time in the game should match the computer clock.



It’s been running for several days now. Does that let you spectate or jump in somehow?

This is my first game.


All NP2 players can spectate. No one can join a game after it has started.

Be sure to read the NP2 help codex. https://np.ironhelmet.com/#help_shortcuts

Search this NP2 forum for more recent information. This game has gone through some changes, but mostly stable since 2015 March, I think.