What's the hero coin rewards for multiplayer?


Probably an obvious answer somewhere, but I’ll still ask-what are the exact hero coin rewards for multiplayer matches? I’ve read that it is different based on difficulty+number of players, but can’t find precise numbers.

Also, side question, if your match is going down in flames (The Guardians map seems very hard :frowning: ) is there any reason to stick around and watch it end? I assume you get 0 coins for a defeat, which makes it sort of pointless…? Or?


One coin per player on the map (double for premium players as usual). At the moment there are no coin reward differences between difficulty levels, though Jay has said he plans to implement that eventually.

Sticking around to watch a lost game end will not get you any coins, but can get you high scores on some maps (Guardians is indeed one of the tighter, tougher maps out there). I would definitely recommend talking it over with your teammates before you resign a game, though. Most (non-nightmare) games are winnable, even when the position seems disastrous.


Thanks for the info, that about figures.

Also, High scores are just for bragging rights, I guess? Also, how much of a high score could you get by losing? :stuck_out_tongue: Probably not alot.


Take a look at the high scores for Guardians just on Hard difficulty.

Also it looks like my old high scores on nightmare have been wiped. :’(


Well, It strikes me that multiplayer is extremely unrewarding. :expressionless:

I won’t dump my game (at least one guy wants to soldier on), but there’s also no real reason to try and salvage the thing.


Care to elaborate? I find multiplayer to be the best part of the game by far, but clearly not everyone does. I’m curious as to what others find so objectionable.

You can always officially Leave a multiplayer game (under the Options menu), which opens up your slot for someone else to join. If you have no interest in carrying on, but other players do, you could post a link to the game here in the forums and then leave, so someone else could fill in for you.


I think multiplayer is the best part of the game too, IMO the only reason really to play this game over any of the others. I like when my fellow players actually talk…

I just mean you’re usually gonna spend 4-7 days, logging in six hours or so every day, for all of 2-4 coins. Fair enough. It’s easy to farm them, anyway. I think there should be incentives not to quit games, tho-maybe nothing more than a ‘last man standing’ reward, or rewards for staying active from day 1 to the last day. As is, there’s literally no reason for me not to quit and stop wasting my time-aside from being a good sport, which I do try to be.

Just one mans thoughts.


Highscores only show in the table for 30 days. I have a tasked logged to show this somewhere on the screen.


Why is this exactly? My buddies and I started playing recently and thought we were doing great and getting all these high scores…only to slowly realize that something wasn’t right and we finally determined the high scores were getting wiped for some reason. I can see the resetting of high scores every time the map changes significantly (as I saw in another post), but once a month no matter what? It’s not exactly “High Scores” then in my opinion, at least change it to say “High Scores This Month” perhaps to avoid that confusion and let-down for new players?


Will do. You were still doing great to get getting the high scores! Better than anybody else playing this month.


Thanks and Thanks! Yea…I’m a little obsessive with your games… You did it to me with NP2 for almost 2 years too :wink:

Great work and keep it up. I think Blight is very good. But I’ll still always politely urge you to make it better - because I care and I like it!

– One Man Wolfpack


You don’t want to look at the tourney then… :stuck_out_tongue:
I took a screenshot of your writing from the last game, can i post it on the fiction page?


Nice “1” Aran. Damn you!

Honestly, I find the tournament a little annoying not just for card buying, but also because the only way to win is to focus solely on ranged attacks. Its monotonous and drudgery. I think the tournament should be based on survival and require you to use all your cards and wit…not just avoid melee entirely. Imho there ought to be a different scoring system or just make it nightmare so hopefully you actually have to do some melee. But I’ve only done a few tournaments now so perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about. :thinking:

Sure, feel free to post the screenshot in the fiction section. It was a fun operation we had there.


I see your point, maybe have two tournaments.
One that rates the winner on the number of survivors.
The other rates winner on the time taken to wipe out the blight.