When going AFK is better than Conceding! (or why to never concede)

So, I have been played a large game where multiple times throughout the game allies have quit. I’m not going to name anyone, but it’s really annoying!

If you care about your alliance winning you should never concede. When you concede a few things happen:

  1. Your fleets become chaotic and may attack allies.
    1b) All fleet looping stops!!!
  2. Enemies can get tech from your AI.
  3. It notifies all enemies to attack you. (global event notification)
    3b) If you are ‘official’ allies for 1 cycle enemies can steal your stars while allies cannot!
  4. Allies curse you.

If you instead message your allies letting them know you will not be playing any more then go AFK:

  1. Fleets keep looping, allowing allies to take your stars with minimal effort. You can take stars with zero ship casualties!!!
  2. Fleets keep moving towards enemies, stopping them from easily grabbing your stars.
  3. Because your AI is inactive enemies cannot get tech from you for a few days.
  4. Allies can take your dropping out into long term planning while the enemy still thinks you are active.

When is conceding a good idea? When you don’t have allies nor care about the game outcome.


Amen Sista! :wink: