When will AI attack

Does anyone know the point at which the AI will attack? I’m currently at -1 regard, and there are several stars that it could easily take. Will it attack once regard gets to -3,…,-5,…-8?

I’m too busy with others to fight the ai, and want to avoid giving tech/cash to ai as long as possible. But I will, as necessary, to avoid conflict.


If they’re -1 disposition then they will consider attacking you, however from recent experience I’d say it’s very unlikely they will if you keep your bordering stars reasonably well defended. If you match their ship count between neighboring stars it’s very unlikely they will attack.

As you say, you could also pay the AI off, however I tried this once and found every 24h the disposition dropped to -1 again so you may have to pay once per “turn”. I don’t know if paying them off to a point where disposition is positive helps stop it dropping again… let me know the outcome if you try this.

I’ve seen it go from +8 to -1 overnight, with no threatening actions on my part. I’d been paying the AI to trade me tech which is why it got so high.

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Did u take the lead in stars over that night? AI go -1 against the star leader.

Hmm good point, I probably already was the lead. So I bought my way into favor and immediately reset. Still seems a bit odd to me, I think either I shouldn’t be able to buy favor, or it should decline more slowly.

This is a bit of a bug and related to the above.

If you are allies with a player and they concede defeat the AI will not remove fleets orbiting your stars. As soon as the grace period ends a battle will be fought and the AI will dislike you. The only way to avoid this is to abandon the star, hopping there is only one.

Edit: Continuing from above. The AI decided to attack one of my stars over an equally undefended star owned by a neighbour. My neighbour was at -8 while I was still at -1. After successfully taking my star the AI’s dislike of me increased from -1 to -3.