Who wants attack notifications (Slack?)

Hey all,

I’m addicted to this game and so of course I had to mess with the API.

I’ve built a simple CLI that I’m using to alert me when any attack is launched against my star (optionally, all players stars).

When any attack is launched I get a Slack alert that looks like this:

21:25:14 01/05/16

Slow Zaniah (BBB III) under attack by: 
  Jal with 10000 ship(s) aboard the carrier Rally Point Alpha VII
  Jal with 105261 ship(s) aboard the carrier Pure Juxta XIX
  Jal with 30646 ship(s) aboard the carrier Hassaleh III
  TOTALING 145907

Old Aldhibah (Davis Sharky) under attack by: 
  BBB III with 64165 ship(s) aboard the carrier Sigma Mud XXXIV
  MXC with 4328 ship(s) aboard the carrier Slow Thabit V
  TOTALING 68493

(The #star-zoom=328 at the end of the url allows a bookmarklet I wrote to zoom in to the selected star)

It’s clearly a work in progress but I’d like to gauge everyone interest in getting alerts like this and also in having a Triton CLI.

I’d love to contribute directly to the source code if Jay is ok with that, but at the very least I thought this would be something useful to have.


This is awesome!

We could make that star-zoom thing official one day!

That would be really neat!

Amazing job with this game @JayKyburz.

I’m going to release this as a slack bot unless someone has a better idea for the messaging.

I don’t understand this, but is this something I could use?
Also, I know an app with push notifications has been mentioned in the past, but has it officially been rejected as an idea?

Slack is a messaging app, so I’m using it to send me alerts when stars are attacked. Once I release a slackbot, everyone will be able to use it.

I can also send the notifications via email, sms or any other way. Slack just happens to be something I’m already using. How would you prefer to receive the alerts?

That’s pretty incredible. I’m guessing it could notify you of all diplomacy/event notifications? The only reason I want a NPII app is for push notifications. As it stands, NPII is otherwise pretty great on mobile.

Exactly right.

It could also be used to give commands although I’m not sure where that would actually be useful. Maybe for the chat?

As for app notifications, it would be trivial to make an android app purely for notifications. iPhone is a different story.

Chat is the main one. I would also like to know when someone sends me a tech so if we’re trading, I will know to send them a tech in return. I’d like to know if someone quits or goes AFK in case they’re a neighbour I could move in on. I could think of an excuse for why I’d want to know about all notifications.

I don’t mean to hijack the thread with demands, though. I would happily use anything you make; I’m just throwing out ideas. :slight_smile:

These are great ideas, I’d ideally like notification of all these things (and of course the ability to filter for specific alerts).

But yeah, it’s really nice to get instant notification when I or my neighbors are under attack. Otherwise I check every 5 seconds in-game and I’d really like to keep my job :smile:

@habeyer, make sure not to poll the server too often please. No need to poll more than once every hour when ships move. (I’m not saying you are right now, but just incase anybody suggests polling every 5 mins to check for chats and things)

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Sure thing.

You don’t happen to have any handy websockets, do you.

This is awesome. Looking forward to when you release it. I don’t currently use Slack, but I’ve been encouraged to for a umber of different things. NP2 advancements are a better reason than any to add to my list of messaging apps.

Bring it on!

Sorry, we are not that advanced at IHG. Everything is just standard HTTP requests with slow polling. :wink:

Don’t fix what ain’t broke :smile:

Love it. very cool.

I take it this would only be applicable to non-Turn-Based games. On another note, I think it would be great if you got chat thread update emails in addition to just the standard new chat thread email. I know that has nothing to do with this Slack Plugin but is this something that could be done easily Jay?

Its a great idea !
But it would take out all the horror/fun of waking up in the morning with a dagger in your back.

I realize this was a while ago. Where can I find the current API Endpoints or were they reverse engineered by someone?

Edit: I found some old projects. Doesn’t look like the API has changed. At least I get a 200 response from my login attempts. :slight_smile: