Why do I only get emails for diplomatic messages in turn based games?

Why can’t I get them in real time games as well?

You only get emails for the first message in a thread in both turn based and real-time.

Perhaps in your TBG there are lots of new threads?

The first message in a thread? So if I reply to a message and the other player writes back, I won’t get notified at all? That seems rather odd… Or do you mean first message in a thread since I last checked the messages?

Only new threads will send to your email. Old threads will not.

Yeah, sending email is super expensive. Its one of the things I decided to economise on. I could consider a feature for premium players that would allow them to turn on more notifications.

Do many people use the email function? It just ends up blowing up my inbox and I turn it off.

It would be nice to get an email when the game starts but nothing after that though

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Disagree. Sometimes starting a new thread is the ONLY way to get another players attention, especially in real-time games.

No, you’re right.

What I’m saying is a couple options for how many emails you’d like to get would be nice. Some players need an email every day to remind them to check in.

I already check in 3-4 times a day at least so I don’t need emails for new messages, just to let me know a game started. Probably could be a premium feature to have different levels of email communication, but I don’t think it needs to be an email for every single message. In big games that would be over 20 emails a day for some people.