Why is opponents 'New ships' higher than mine?

I’m playing a turnbased game, where I have an identical amount of industry, as my closest neighbour, 75, and I have 4 in manufacturing while he has 3.

But when comparing empires, his ‘New ships’ is 25, and mine is 24,75, why is that?

As I read the formular, the output of ships is in our cases, 75 x 9 and 75 x 8, where my 675 is higher than his 600.
So question is basically, how is ‘New ships’ calculated?

Jay would know this best. I am just speculating here.

Your own ECON, IND, & SCI are live data.
All tech levels are live data to allow accurate tech trading.

I think, your stars, carriers, ships total and new ships may be snapshot data, I am guessing.

Other empires’ ECON, IND, & SCI are snapshot data.
Other empires’ stars, carriers, ships total and new ships are snapshot data.

So I guess you previously had maybe 66 IND & manufacturing tech 4 ?
So your out of date ( New Ships ) / tick = 24.75 = 66 IND X ( 5 + 4 tech manuf ) / ( 24 ticks / production )

So you must have just now purchased 9 new IND ?
Your actual ( New ships ) / tick = 28.125 = 75 IND X ( 5 + 4 tech manuf ) / ( 24 ticks / production )

Other players have reported this discrepancy before.
It always clears up on the next tick.

I always figured it was because the opponent had purchased industry and the New Ship production stat wasn’t respecting the ‘frozen’ state of the turn.