Why is the range marker like a pastry cutter?


Just wondering why the range marker is shaped like a pastry cutter i.e. example pastry cutter!

sometimes it makes it hard to see what is accessible… obviously you can just see if your carrier can jump to there, but if it’s your enemies stars you’re looking at, and the destination star falls in to a gap in the pastry cutter I don’t know if he can reach it.


I have often wondered this, same with scanning. You can use the ruler to check range, as well as with a carrier and waypoints, but it isn’t always clear when just looking at the map. It would be helpful if there was a tool similar to the Ruler for clicking on a star and having it highlight the items in range, and differentiate what that star can see.

I have tried planning attacks where a carrier waits before jumping so that it ends a turn right outside of the enemy scanning range. It doesn’t always work due to other stars having overlapping vision. Maybe have an indicator as to when the carrier enters enemy scanning range next to the ETA in the carrier window.


I think the simplest solution is to just implement a mechanism that enables you to see the distance (in light years) between any 2 stars.


the Ruler does that.


wait, what’s that?


The menu icon on the left side of the screen, second line, first row:


Oh, thanks.


keyboard shotcut v


It’s actually the inverse of the example pastry cutter: the cusps are on the outside.

I’ve always taken it as a suggestion not to trust it to tell me what’s within range, so I use the scalpel/ruler tool to see for certain. That tool is also useful for determining which stars are on either side of a border line.


Still, it would be nice if the range and scanning ‘circles’ would in some way highlight the stars that fall within them, similar to how the waypoint ‘circle’ highlights acceptable targets. It would save a lot of time.


Well scanning does, Its bright or dark in the center. I wonder if we can thing of something for in range.


I was thinking more along the lines of what Subterfuge had, a clear outline of your (or enemies’) scanning boarder. In turn based, you can time attacks so that they end a turn just outside of the enemy’s vision, then they are much closer to their target on the next turn. Particularly useful when attacking a gated star, and you want to get as close as possible before they destroy the gate. Some sort of indicator to help in those situations would be useful.


I would love it if clicking on another player’s star would show the tech range bubbles as well as highlighting stars within those ranges, as stars near the border of those ranges are impossible to tell at a glance if they are in range or not without using the ruler tool.

Having an eta for entering opponents scanning radius when making way points would be fantastic.


Sorry to harp on about this issue, and I know I can use the ruler or whatever but it would be really nice if there was a clearer way to see this information… I just purchased a carrier because it really looks like this should be in range:

The centre of that star is definitely within the pastry cutter…


Ok, I will move something higher up on the todo list.


Could you do something with the star names if they were in range, maybe make them bold, or have those outside range in italics.


Thats a very elegant solution. White if in range, grey if not.


I like this idea for determining hyperspace range.