Why is this AI cheating hyperspace jumps?


As you can clearly see in the image the carrier with 185 ships could only have originated from ‘Nihal’ based on its trajectory, and the fact that there are no other intermediate stars.

I’m guessing since carriers can’t manouvre and change direction in space that the AI I am dealing with is cheating unfortunately, can we get a ban? xD

In all seriousness, it is either a bug that the AI can travel 4LY more that it’s tech should allow (as seen from the circle surrounding the star, or the carrier came from somewhere else and the direction is bugged. I wanted to share because it is unusual to see such bugs, and also to hopefully get it fixed.

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There is a long standing bug in there somewhere where the AI don’t correctly test its own range before starting a jump. Sorry. I’ll track it down one day.

LOL HOLY SHIT! Thats hilarious

The Wormhole Jump is something I’ve seen about once a game. I can understand Jay’s problem as the boundary conditions for the appearance of the DS9 type wormhole are impossible to establish atm.

The correct answer to the OP’s question is “Because it can”

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