Why no love for Dark Galaxys?

You always have to wait ages for Dark Galaxy games to fill up. Personally I really enjoy them, but what is it about them that you (the majority?) don’t like? (Don’t say “the Dark Galaxy”, just don’t. :rolling_eyes:)

My only beef with them is what you said, you have to wait ages for them to fill up. I love the strategy involved. It’s the whole Fog of War aspect.

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Somebody has been asking players to give up the position of their home stars using the console. Then they know where they are in relation to the others.

I have a fix planed where every player has their own coordinate system.

It’s kida low priority. Dark galaxies are not supported in Proteus.

i usually trade relative position information (I’m south of blue, east of purple). That’s part of the fun/strategy of Dark for me. But getting exact coordinates is way too meta for me. Some people have to spoil everything. :unamused:

I read the Intel charts to figure out which neighbors are having combat with each other or might be trading tech. Dark hex maps can be slowly reasoned out.

Absolutely, there are various ways and means to work it out without resorting to the console. The whole point of a Dark Galaxy is having to piece together incomplete information. What a killjoy. Hehe

It’s me, I map the stars. This is what you enter in the console to see your own home star’s coordinates: console.log(NeptunesPride.universe.player.home.x, NeptunesPride.universe.player.home.y);

The galactic center will be around 0x 0y, and I figure it’s valuable anyway to see where you are with respect to the rest of the galaxy (even if you don’t share the information). So, I tell others about it and offer them the chance to share in a collaborative map to level the playing field.

Several people decline to participate, but until it’s fixed you should at least know about it and know how to do it if you want to take advantage of it since otherwise you can’t prevent others from using it to gain a competitive advantage.

So, @JayKyburz, I do ask people to give up their coordinates, but I ask everybody :slight_smile:

The fix is for the client to do everything with respect to your home star which you would see being at 0x 0y.

What a joyless approach to playing games. It’s not even like there’s any kind of prize. I would absolutely refuse.

If you want a “collaborative” map then play a normal galaxy.

More power to you! I wouldn’t pressure you to do it, but I feel like you at least deserve to know that it’s possible and that it’s possible for anybody else to be doing it.

Now I almost feel obliged to send out a message to all players at the start of a DG game not to share console info if asked. Playing field levelled. sigh

Except that it’s still an advantage to know where you are relative to the galactic center. It would help you whether you shared those coordinates or not.

I feel that, as I suspect you do also, this is a rather major bug. I prefer dark galaxy games, and really wish this would get fixed sooner rather than later.

Edit: I’ve also only done it really with hexgrid maps. With those you can take your home star location and compute the possible locations of every other home star in the galaxy.

I will try and fix this for you guys soon!

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If you want help testing it let me know!

So what? Really? So what if someone else does it, feel secure in the knowledge that you didn’t. If someone needs the arguable and minor advantage this might give them let them have it. Bless them, they obviously need it.

dakota is right, if that information is available to some players, (those that know how to use the console) then it should be available to all.

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I’d say knowing where you will need to send the majority of your forces before you can see anything else is a relatively major advantage.

How often have you had any kind of forces of note to send anywhere before you’ve already found your neighbours? I’ve usually spotted my neighbours in the first one or two cycles. And if it takes longer it’s usually because they are out of range anyway.

And what if you’ve got several neighbours, which one do you send your forces after?

It just depends on the way the game is set up. Even after I can see some other players, if I think I’m on the western edge I might not bother defending my stars in the west. Could be minor, could be major.

It does, so doing it is a relatively major advantage only in very few cases, making it relatively minor, if not insignificant, overall, imo. I’m not saying Jay shouldn’t fix it (thanks Jay) but I don’t see the need to go around telling everyone else how to do it. If you find a cheat or exploit let Jay know but don’t spread it around. And don’t use it.

It’s just using information the client has, so I’d consider it more of a bug than a cheat or an exploit. You’re free to disagree, but since I’m going to do it until it’s fixed I feel like everybody should know about it. Who knows who’s out there doing it and not telling anybody about it.