I wanted just to look on what cards I miss and don’t know yet, so googled for wiki. It is kinda funny, how I stumbled upon stone age dinosaur.

Wikia page of Blight of the Immortals

I understand, that IHG forum is super-awesome and modern (really, I love it). But sometimes you expect to find such usual things as wiki or other source of canonical knowledge base.

I would like to encourage you all to help me (I will add what I can and know) to update wiki page. Kinda a bummer, that there is wikia, while I love more wiki type page (more minimalistic and simple site design). If you all are ready to set up wiki, not wikia page and work with it, I guess, we could start that.

What you all, dear fans, think?


Good idea, man!
I like this help, i’ll see where I can help out.


I think the wikia is young and undeveloped enough that it should be pretty straightforward to switch to a more pleasant host and design. You are not alone in your dislike of the Wikia platform!

Creating a nicer Wiki for Blight is one of my top plans for the next few weeks. @Anderty, do you know of an alternative platform that you particularly like?

I’m still on honeymoon for the next several days (:grin:), but I’ll be spending some time at the end of this week researching options and setting up a clean new Wiki (unless someone beats me to it).


There is a way to make these form pages act like a wiki. I believe you can even link between them.

I think it would be awesome to host it here!


You all will laugh, but I never actually dig in to running wiki, so, I googled wiki how on how to start a wiki.
Post made 'lot sense.

I’m grateful to read that someone is ready to work on matter with me.
Before start anything, there’s important questions. I, personally, like MediaWiki software as I remember having much more appeal in wiki pages from many other games. Though, wikihow makes sense (and my web-designer experience) hosting wiki pages on private server would be easier to work with.

@JayKyburz - and in some way, you have great point. Creating wiki like pages from this awesome forum would be great. Though it needs to be structured somehow logical and separate 'bit from forum. (To make it clearer and simpler to understand. Say, domain with /wiki or something would appeal for search engines.)

Nexus (modding community) has pretty bad design flaws, but it was born from old school forums. (I can be mistaken, never researched case, I simply use Nexus really long and remember from own experience. I even remember how they were asking community to help few years ago). Though forum engine is first awesome forum engine I totally don’t know anything 'bout and love it. I like idea to stretch it’s purpose more. I’ll try research more 'bout your engine then.


I made a super-simple draft of the structure.

If I understand right, making an own page and then linking essential pages (currently, by my assumption, those I wrote down are shown with smooth corner rectangle). Of course, content in pages will be much more complex and bigger, but I wrote down biggest headers of each page ( usual rectangular). I want you to suggest ( comment ) any improvement or ideas, how the structure would be. Then we could decide, what will serve our needs.


Ok, I spend some time and did some research. In some way, I tend to start the wiki on Gamepedia. It has rich tools and solid hosting and community base.
It has google trending history, good support, popularity and it’s free!
So, before I start anything, what others think 'bout it, would everyone agree on setting up in Gamepedia, or should we research more?
(There’re some other options, but it seems that Gamepedia is quite popular and that always mean that hosting will have life long support.)

Also, web-page has good local promotion system, which helps new wikis to dig out from huge resources to get new people attention.

So, if everyone agrees and developers also agree, then developers should proceed through wiki connect and prepare the base for a start.


Ok, I have filled in the forum and submitted the form. I guess we have to wait for the game to be approved or something.

Heads up though, this is not something I would be able to spend a lot of time contributing to, I’m super busy just trying to make the game itself!

Its also time for me to start updating Neptune’s Pride!


Of course. That’s why I ask community. All what was needed from you is done now and we all thank you for that. :slight_smile:

Please tell when I and others can start then. Can’t wait. :smiley:


Hi. Well, got any messages from them? Do they react somehow at all? Getting impatient here. I just got more free time and don’t have inspiration for lore typing but still want to do something for this awesome game. :grin:


Yes, I did get an email from then, I need to a buch of thing before it’s setup so I will try and do them today.

If you wanted to contribute to the game, I would love to see some more videos of people just playing and enjoying the sp missions.

Just find some find some software for recording your voice and screen, start a mission and talk through what you are thinking about as you play. You don’t even need to do it in English if that is not your native tongue.

I wonder if you can stream the gameplay directly to youtube gaming or something like that?

I would love to be able to show off more videos on Facebook, Twitter and even here on the forums!



You know, I recorded one my single player game just now. With my not funny, not cool, not helpful, not interesting (I bet not so bad at all, but, hey, I need to deal with myself somehow) commentary. And… recording is exactly 90 minutes!!!.. :confused:

I really want to share it with you all, but damn… who will be so crazy to watch 90 minutes? In another hand, d&d games I record sometimes are even 5 or 6 hours long. And I’m not sure Youtube will let me upload so long video. + I need to edit it a little bit to remove some mic noise and place some open-source music. I could try to edit it for much shorter video, that’ll be like 10 or 15 min. But it’ll take much more time. So, I’m asking you all - who want some Blight gameplay video!!! XD


I do I do. I might watch it at double speed though.


Finally. Omg, it took a whole day of uploading on my 4g internet (I live in the countryside. :slight_smile: and can’t use our second best internet in the world. (Legends of Latvia!)).
I’m so embarrassed and shy. Bt, it won’t be my own voice, it is little more pitched. I placed it there for now to experiment. I didn’t though 'bout gameplay videos for youtube and youtube channel at all. But I might start t finally do it as I wanted long ago. As Blight of the Immortals is one of those many strategy games I really enjoy to play and can do it forever.


Yieks, I hope the 4g internet was not too expensive in Latvia! It would have been here in Australia!