Wildriver Run Nightmare 1 Open Spot Human/Troll [FULL]


Game Number: 4739322826719232 Wildriver Run Difficulty: Nightmare

We have been waiting for 2 days to start this off. Anyone lv4+ with a good troll deck (going for witch marsh trap) willing to join? Should be a pretty fast and easy map!

Hope to see you there! :smiley:

Edit: Game has started! Thanks aran!


Thought i would post here as JayKyburz might see it :slight_smile:
I don’t know if its because you start off with two towns or just the setup but this map seems to be really easy even on nightmare if you have people that know what they are doing.
It could just as easily be a 2 player map as I’ve often found that by the time the rear players get to the front the map is effectively already won.
Thoughts on how to improve map:
There could be a trailblazer or hydras already active or even a dread lord
I don’t know why you start with 2 towns, this is a great player advantage given the current card placement rules
Anyone else got thoughts?


I also find this map to be too easy! As @Aran pointed out, if the troll players know what they are doing and have a decent deck they can win the game by themselves.

Overall, the blighted units are too few to pose a serious threat to any organized team. Maybe increase the initial enemy troop count, or add a blight spwan in the rear next to the goblin camps :slight_smile:


Yeah, this was one of our really early maps and it has never really been adjusted as the game evolved.

We’ll either fix it or replace it in an update one day.