Will an AI remember to send tech when they get paid?


I know that when you trade techs with an AI there’s a percentage that they’ll send something back to you, I think it’s 80%

I feel pretty sick to have just sent 2 techs in a row and got nothing back. Having read a previous thread I think the reason is because the AI doesn’t have any money.

Does anyone know if the AI might still send me something after it gets paid next - still 12 hours away!

edit: or if I send the money now will the AI reward me?


As far as I know the AI has no memory for this, it’s best to do your trading with the AI just after the paycycle.


Or send 'em money just before your transfer … and hope they don’t use your $$$ to send tech to one of the other AI’s! :wink:


Ok thanks for the tips, I will certainly remember this lesson!

Dunno if I like the whole AI tech trading thing to be honest, the whole thing seems a bit shady! I bet only advanced players would think about doing it in the first place (unless it’s written somewhere in the codex in which case ignore me!) which puts new players who might have a good instinct for the general strategy of the game at a disadvantage which I’m not in favour of - I think they’re the ones who deserve a good honest win the most.

The percentage thing I get, but still seems like an unnecessary risk in a game which I always think of as being more about skill rather than luck - except when you deal real with people of course, that is half the fun, but not when dealing with the CPU side of things. This is a personal opinion of course.

It’s not a huge deal but my suggestion would be it would be that when you sent an AI tech that it responded with an automated message so that everyone knows where they stand (new and seasoned players!) This could be handled in the following way; you send a tech and one of three things happens:

  • It hits positive 80% and says “thanks for the trade” and sends you a tech back
  • It falls in the negative 20% and says “Not this time buddy, but bribe me again and lets see what happens!” and sends nothing
  • It doesn’t have the cash and says “Thanks for that, I’m skint right now but I’ll repay your kindness… maybe” and then does the 80 / 20% decision making on pay day


Those are good ideas.

I already have some code written so that and AI will actually initiate a trade with you. It tries to pick players that are attacking the players it doesn’t like, and sends them tech.

I’ve disabled it until I get a chance to sure it works properly, but it should help new player understand that they can trade and work with the AI.


Wait, you can trade with AIs?? Yes, you definitely should put this in the codex.

Also, is it just me, or do all the AIs give each other all their tech? Basically massive collusion against humans…


Yes the AIs trade everything between each other I think.


Yes. The AI trade tech with eachother (or only with the other AI players in scanning range when the “trade scan only” option is on)

The AI with the highest amount of science researches weapons.


Reviving this old topic because I still find it really annoying (and it must be un-intuitive for new players who don’t know what’s going in) to send an AI tech and just nothing at all happens.

It’s frustrating enough to waste money sending tech to an AI and receive nothing in return, but I think what’s worse it just not knowing the reason. Did it not work properly, did the AI not have money, or did they decide to not give it you for some reason etc.

I still think the suggestion I made above would resolve this… modified slightly:

Scenario A) They send you a tech in return (no message needed)

Scenario B) They don’t send you the tech, but they message you so you at least know why. If the reason is because they don’t have money then it would be good if they remembered the request and sent it after pay day (or sent it immediately if you send them money)


I would think it should be based on the relationship, or at least have that effect the chance of them returning it.

But, yea, if time is being put in to make the AI better, having some sort of internal tracker not only for the relationship, but how much value worth of stuff was given would be good. As long as the relationship is good, have them try to keep the ledgers balanced.

As for new players trading with AI. I recently finished my first game and had no idea they could give me anything back. I was trading weapons to AI that my neighbors were attacking and I couldn’t get to, and jsut assumed I would have to swallow the cost.


OK, I will add a note to the top of my list for the AI to respond with a message when they decide not to send you a tech in return.

I have plans for a whole big system for AI communication, but I think a quick fix could help here.