Wish there was a way to acquire inactive player resources

So I’m in this “Hard” game of Queen’s Maul…

The map should have been an easy 5 day smash, and the 3 of us who stuck it out did quite well on our side of the map…

Unfortunately, the other three players bailed early into the game. (One of them was the creator of the game, which meant when we tried to fill that spot, we couldn’t)

Now that we’re in the final battles of the finite death march of zombies to our sanctuary cities… I look at the player positions sitting on tops of tons of resources we could be putting to use, but have no way of acquiring the goods.

So here we are starting week 3…

If anyone wants to log in and transfer the goods to the active players and just hang around for the coin win if we pull this off, please do. :wink:

Here’s the link:

Send the resources to TangleRainbowfilter. Many Thanks. :wink:

Here’s what it currently looks like…


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Thanks man! :slight_smile:

hmmm… not sure if that is cool or not.

What’s not cool is half the players abandoning the game, making the land of alundria cry…

Looking at you blighted pea. :wink: <3

Onward and forward till death! :slight_smile:

Hey … I started with no towns and still managed to kill a boss and stomp a bunch of graves while you guys were cowering in your fortresses ;p

It’s cool, another player took over your spot and has been burning bodies in the back! I think we got this, it’s been a long 3 week war. :smile:

If you wanna see the carnage, check out the game here:

on a side note, this is the first time I ever exhausted the majority of the civilian population and conscripted them into war time mode… lots of empty lonely cities.