Wormhole Progress

There is a whole for every player, selected and connected at random.

It takes 24 hours to travel from one end to the other, regardless how far apart they are.

Here are a couple of images showing the new wormholes in random maps.

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Looks good! So is travel just like warpgates other than the travel time? Also might want to make it set to take one cycle to traverse, not 24 hours. That way in quad tick games it goes down to 6 hours (which is right)

Yes sorry, I should have said 24 ticks.

here is a pic showing me make a wormhole jump in the middle of a path.

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So every player has one wormhole randomly generated within x ly of his hw? But the other end is randomly generated anywhere? That ended up giving The middle eastern section of that third map an awful lot of wormholes. I’m not sure I would want that spot. Maybe just randomly connect each player’s holes?

I think normal speed is approx .3ly per tick. So a fixed speed of 12 ticks between gates means you would need range 11 before buying a gate makes sense. That’s mid to late game, so maybe make gates even more expensive than they are now.

A wormhole shorter than 7.2 ly means slower speed than regular travel, except for range limitations.

My interest was connecting edges in random hex games. I understand there is no consensus on that point, so I’d be happy to test out in gameplay. But just connecting edges would keep wormholes relevant throughout the game, as wormholes that are too short will either be useless or competed away quickly by gates.

But Jay, this is fantastic whatever you decide, I am chomping at the bit to give wormholes a spin!


Agree with what @wfmcgillicuddy said, and add: I like the wormholes visual design!

Fantastic design. I LOVE the random wormhole locations, even when they end up clustering like that. It could make for an epic story for that game. The “Wormhole Empire” that controlled the galactic crossroads.

Will you be able to scan through wormholes? Trade through wormholes?

Are you still going to do the Range idea for normal warpgates? (flat 6 hour travel time between warpgates no matter how far apart they are) I was a HUGE fan of that idea.

This looks awesome!

Will you be able to see enemy fleets that are in transit through the wormhole? Or will they be hidden?

Jay- design looks great!

I say that you can only see ship totals when their in scanning, but you get a notification that a fleet is in it’s way once the fleet in route. (Doesn’t say which player it is)

Also, I’d be disappointed if warp gates were changed to always be 6 hours. That deletes a lot of the tactical decisions that can be made late game. It’s lots of fun to be constantly building a destroying gates while skirmishing in order to always have your stars defended and teach the opponent early. A 6 tick travel time would take that out.

Also trade shouldn’t go through the wormhole, but in sure people wanting to will just claim a star on the other side for trading.

How I ended up doing it is just as if they were normal stars, but when you are doing you fleet navigation, you can ignore range restriction. Then when you are traveling between the two stars is a flat 24 ticks.

There is no fancy tech for scanning through them notifications or anything.

I did implement the constant speed for gates, but its 12 hours instead of 6.

All of that sounds great! Although I’m not sure on the set times on warp gates. I don’t remember what the reasoning for that?

Its a way to sneak speed tech back into the game. The further you can jump, the faster you can travel.

Hm, didn’t think about it that way. I was thinking about the loss on short range jumps, and how much slower the river of ships will be down your empire. I’m definitely keen to try it out though, the speed take on it sounds fun.

Is this still the case?

Looking at my position now I’ve only found one Wormhole but that would seem to be closer to Purple, even Red, than to me (my home is the white star). Where’s my Wormhole?! :cry:

Erm, yeah, don’t be using that map for advanced tactical knowledge. :wink:

There is one for for every player, but not “for that player”. In a 6 player game there should be 6. 3 Paths. In a 12 player game there should be 12 holes, 6 paths.

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I promise :wink:

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And did you delete short paths? So maybe less than one per player?

Ahhh, gotcha.

Still: Where’s MY Wormhole! :laughing:

Can you hide the wormhole path so you have no clue where it jumps to?

do you think it would be more fun? Are you in the test game?