Wrong Number of Stars for Board Size


If this has been addressed before, please someone let me know.

I just created another game, Hard Times Ahead (check it out and join if you like quads!) at http://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6103554096365568. It was supposed to be a medium board, 24 stars per player, and it says so in the options. It’s a 12-man game, start with 2 stars. I know the exact star numbers vary a bit, but 12*24 is 288, which is about the size of game I wanted to see. Yet the game created 194 stars, which is a small board of 16 stars per player.

Is this a bug or something I’m missing? It is a close game, but I didn’t think that affects it.

-C. Air, 990

P.S. If I can figure out the screenshot thing, I’ll add some, but iPads at 1:30am aren’t conducive to such activities.