Xjhdexter Memorial 1v1 Tournament [XJHD 04/2022]

  1. @Solfyre [US-1] vs. @Chumbles
  2. @BelSon [AU-14] vs. @limemaster [15]
  3. @HULK [US-5] vs. @MLaZz [SI-27]
  4. @DarkDragonwing [DE-6] vs. @Kaine [19]
  5. @plug [GB-3] vs. @gaz123
  6. @Lex [CA-12] vs. @Satirael [DK-16]
  7. @Dr_Gaming [RS-4] vs. @iippabella
  8. @spymort [AU-10] vs. @Macomber [CA-18]
    (countries and world ranks as per May 6 in brackets)

Use the game links I provided for you in @Dysp’s tournament tool and join your games by May 12 latest.

If you win your game, please update us in the forums accordingly. When 4 games of this rounds have concluded, a countdown of two weeks for the remaining 4 will start. Affected players will be pinged.

Good luck! With the bonus features activated and incredibly strong players signed up, don’t forget:

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What’s the password?

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Ah, it’s 1v1

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LOL that I started my typical strategy of building 20+ carriers … but part way through looked at the top left and said “WTF do I have so few credits left” … and then realized we “only” have $813 to start rather than $2,000-$3,000 … D’OH! :wink:

Same here…

I started to as well but luckily caught my mistake halfway in when I was trying to figure which tech to start on and that getting any tech the first cycle might be a challenge… I guess I’ll just have to buy a lot of science. WHAT?!? Not with only 500 credits…


Hey I am having trouble with the link to the tournament tool. Am I the only one? I tried last night and this morning. Chrome on my iPhone.

If it’s working for everyone else can someone put my game link here please.

There you go, sometimes the tool has as an issue with specific internet providers, @Dysp knows more about that.

As for the settings: Yes, scarce credits is a new experience, curious to see how the games develop! Should make Banking and Terraforming more interesting and Weapons an absolute afterthought for the first cycles.


I have emerged victorious in my game with @Satirael

It was an exciting and fast paced game… lots of fast submits made it quite thrilling

Yeah a very exciting game that taught me a lot about my own weaknesses. I enjoyed it and even almost caught up at one point, but @Lex managed to keep the lead they made on my earlier mistakes. The fast submits definitely made it an intense game!

@Lex and @Satirael : Yes, you guys weren’t messing around … every time I checked the NP2STATS board, you had jumped several dozen more ticks! Any hints/suggestions on how to best play this particular configuration … besides rob the galactic bank for more credits! :wink:

While my game against @MLaZz isn’t moving quite as fast, it’s plenty quick for me - each time one of us submits to advance a turn, we’ve both been able to make the next set of moves. Reminds me how much fun these 1v1 games can be when they don’t get bogged down by slow submits and pesky RL!

@Trucriot : sorry if I missed it, but do you plan to “count” the results of this one-off 1v1 tournament in your world rankings? BTW, excellent job with your time-lapse of the World Rankings.

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for @limemaster to join my game, I hope we can get up and running soon!

I’m not sure if I give the best advice, but the largest differences that I noticed was of course the smaller amount of credits which alters your opening and makes for a bit of a slower start, that weapons being unlocked shifted the research priority of the mid and late game significantly (As one might expect), and then there are of course the common warp gates, which opens up for some interesting ship movements on mirrored maps. Probably pretty basic observations but still the most important ones in my opinion. Other than that it still felt like a 1v1 and was a fun match :slight_smile:

Agreed with @Satirael.

The common warp gates shaped the tactics in our game a lot… I was able to kill one of his useful gates in an early raid :slight_smile:

All games have started in due time. Great job @Lex and @Satirael for the super fast play, glad to hear it was fun.

Thanks! Yes, I planned on the games having the same weight in the rankings as those from the Flying Swiss tournament. A non-ranked tournament is an interesting idea though.