You know you play too much NP when


  • You start clock watching on the hour for the next tick
  • You can judge the time-distance between 2 stars correctly by just looking at it
  • You have nightmares about your “ally” attacking the soft under-belly of your empire
  • You know your 15 times table inside out due to tech trades
  • You start threads like this :astonished:

  • You refrain from weeks of sleep to win that Fast Game
  • You make NP your homepage
  • You enter more games than you know you have time for, but do it anyway
  • Visit the forum to the point you post in threads like this. :scream_cat:

  • You join the local NPAA support group.
  • Your phone isn’t working, so you ask strangers in the street if you can borrow their 4G connection… to update NP.

  • You can correctly eyeball the number of reinforcements an enemy system will get before your carrier gets there


I’m a card-carrying member of NPAA and have been attending more of the meetings … :wink:

  • You get your first look of your Christmas Tree after putting on the colored lights, and all you can say is: Red is winning.


You wake up every night at 4.15am and after 20 minutes of updates have no chance of sleeping again that night especially if you have to check 15 minutes later whether you dropped those vital ships or picked them up.


You dream that you missed a turn and what the ships/systems situation is likely to be after that. Especially when in said dream, carriers can be equipped with missiles that hit systems defenses from afar.


That sounds like an interesting feature request! I may post up about that, though it has probably been done. . .

But yes, oh yes. That horrifying feeling of dreaming you’ve lost, and then wake up next morning and still not realize it wasn’t a midnight assault gone wrong.