Zombe Slayer now awarded for most damage

rather than just zombie head count. New build coming some time this afternoon.


Can you explain this more? Here are some screen shots from a game I’m in, i don’t understand how the other players score is calculated.

Is it possible that the player in the second screenshot killed 2671 zombies before yesterday, and the first screen shot killed a lot of zombies in the last 24 hours?

The damage dealt is very new as was not counted at all before yesterday.


I had killed a bunch recently.
However here is a screen shot i just took.
Its still seeing me as Zombie slayer but the damage has gone down and one of the other players stats is still showing over 3000

I’m in the same game, damage dealt seems wildly variable. I used several Blind Justice strikes this morning with over 600 Valour (so 6000+ damage each time), but my damage statistic only shows exactly 1500 (which has gone down since yesterday). The last thing I killed was three zombie giants, so it looks to me like it is only counting the base strength of the last stack you killed, not the actual damage you did (and not totaling up correctly, obviously).

Oh, I’ll check the code, I must have screwed something up.
edit: yes sorry, I found that after melee you damage was set to the last battle, not added to your total.

Sorry everybody!

Looks like damage dealt isn’t translating directly to Zombie Slayer status, either. We’ve currently got a zombie slayer whose “official” damage dealt is far less than that listed for other players in the game. (He’s certainly deserving of the title, but the in-game statistics don’t match up).

Thanks, i suspect that might be due to the recording only starting halfway through the game so it didn’t register the earlier kills.
Just checked the victory screen, should it say if i got the zombie slayer coins? did i get them?

Well sure, the damage counts are wrong, but that’s to be expected. What’s weird is that they’re not internally consistent; I’d think the person with the most damage shown on their player stats would be the Slayer, even if the number isn’t actually correct.

Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to look into this bug yet. Ive fixed you up with some free coins just in case.

OK, I found a bug in the interface where on the leaderboard it was still looking for total kills rather than damage.