Zombie army walked through my city... Possible Multi Army Glitch?


I had two armies in my settlement…

The First Army was a Desert Maiden and her cadre of badass Orc Warriors.

The Second Army was a Solitary Dragon.

They waited at this settlement for a large Strength Zombie group for about a day…

I just checked the game, and The Zombie group seemed to go through my city without engaging the armies and is now on a collision course with the dragon’s nest behind the settlement…

Upon closer inspection (Of the combat log) it would seem that the zombies went against the dragon… killed the dragon, then continued their march. :frowning:

It doesn’t seem like they ever engaged the Orcs in the same settlement.

Here’s the list of Orcs that were there:

Luckily I think I can out-march the slow zombies and get to them before they get to the dragon’s nest.

Weird bug. What do you guys think?


Yes sorry, this bug was live on the server for about 8 hours before I closed it back up. Apologies!


No worries. :wink: