Zombie Spiders - This weeks tournament


Anybody even have a strategy thats working?


Oh, @BlightedPea tells me you are supposed to be able to jump to the Mana Well in the middle but I broke it when I fixed the bug where Serpent Charmers cant to thier spell on

ps… here is a pic of my starting town.


Heh yeah I thought I remembered this map being a bit easier… definitely was able to teleport a Bridge Witch to that center pool at the start last time haha.


This is the point I quit my third play through.

I’m going to jump through to the end just to get a score on the board.

Note: I discovered a bug in the tournemnet scoring where my score wasn’t updated to the better time of 12 days. The leaderboard still shows my old score of 7 days. - Will fix tomorow.


I didn’t have a problem jumping to the middle, but i played it yesterday so don’t know if that was before your fix.
Haven’t taken the last move yet as i want to see some other scores up first.

Jay isn’t 7 days better then 12 days?


OK, one score to aim at…but must admit it was third try…I am sure Aran will do better.

I found it tough with the new card draw rules…do you use valour for cards or early settlements? I twice got stranded without a force to earn valour - once I got a bad hand and burnt valour to find a tanglemage, did not have enough left to get settlements, second time I spent on settlements then had no hand. Net Net, I like the change - especially with card trading, I think this will add to cooperation and hard decisions.

Key to the strategy:

  • Initial Tanglemage to the North East Goblins, then keeping these towns alive until near the end of the game as the gold engine
  • Starting troll town as home-base; I let the spiders go by, used bridge witch/troglodites to mop up goblins
  • Further Tanglemages to all the trolls; fast mana. Build them up as fast as possible to 3-6k - enough to defend vs small stacks. When a killer spider stack came along, I evacuated out to the North using the tanglemages. Managed to clear nearly all the trolls; none of the goblins
  • Only starting town left at the end with 90k stack on +36 experience
  • Tanglemages are key unit; Assassins were useful for early valour, bridge witches for keeping the enemy targeted at my defended town

Fun one!


Ummm no comment. :stuck_out_tongue:
My attempt was also with the new card rules with the 5 card start.
Did have a look at it in normal single player the get an idea of the map then tried the tourney.
1st attempt got stuck with no valour and things were going south fast.
2nd attempt, better valour management and learnt from mistakes, a few things i could improve but happy with result.


No when you die, the best score is staying alive the longest.


Well, wasn’t someone sneaky …

Nice work on getting a perfect score on the “impossible” map, @Aran!


Sneak!!! (Done in best Gollum voice)
Strategic thinker asked how I did it… So here goes
Will also mention that you were the only one to survive the spider apocalypse, shame there is no way to reward you… :stuck_out_tongue:
1st attempt was my first try with the card rules, didn’t go so well so tried a different tactic.
2nd attempt had decent start hand, teleported to SW pond then moved up to get gobbos
Worked out when the spiders would hit nearest town and stopped just before that.
Teleport and bridge witch and they all head back to the middle.
Realised the multiple groups were merging but that left them all webbed.
Meanwhile dealers expand empire and wizards and bows advance to set blockade and get valour.
Again let the spiders get close to town and then port and lure back.
Gobbos sent in to burn nests while they are distracted.
One more teleport and lure and they are trapped, massive group of spiders in the pond stuck in their own webs.
After that I just sent someone in every 12 hours while using bows on the troll/gob corpses and wizards to kill spiders.

Stop before burning last body after realising that anyone seeing my score would guess how I did it… Ok so I might have been a little sneaky :smiley:


This was basically what I was up to before I headed out for the weekend. Very well done!!