16 Player, 4 teams of 4, $$$ PRIZE! NO BUY IN

The chordate classes are fighting! Join Reptilia, Amphibia, Chondrichthyes, or Mammalia and band together for galactic supremacy.
Class Order & Family are taxonomic terms.

4 teams: Reptiles, Amphibians, Cartilaginous fish and Mammals.
Represented by: a different Order/Family’s for each player

Your in game name has to be less than 24 characters and representative of your Order/Family. e.g Rubber Eel Alliance, Frog Confederacy, etc.
Famous animals names can be used as well e.g Bruce the Great White, Master Splinter, Moby Dick. Species within your chosen order and family can also be used e.g the “Hellbenders Union” (Hellbenders are a Salamander species)

Keep in mind you need to save 3 characters to represent your class. REP for reptiles, AMP for Amphibians, FSH for cartilaginous fish, and MAM for Mammals. e.g “Frog Confederacy AMP”

16 Player Classic NP // Formal Alliances // 4 teams of 4
Cash is split evenly among winning team, with set opportunities to leave team or vote out members and get more of the cash pool
Prize may be collected via Venmo, Paypal or in game badges

This is a google form for signup and team preference!
Google form

once enough players have submitted the form, I will message everyone their class, order/family, and the games password. If you are on the official NP discord, there is a thread under “game-invites” called Chordate Clash, leave a comment there after you fill out the form

game link here after you get the password