1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 02/2021]

I just conceded against @Hulk. It was a difficult battle lasting just over 7 cycles. Hulk took an early star lead and focused their research on scanning, range and terraforming, while I took a ship lead and focused on banking and manufacturing. Unfortunately I was never able to convert my ship lead into a star lead, and I made a few incorrect predictions. But thanks for the game, @Hulk!

It was a much closer game than you might guess from those star charts … and @BelSon launched a BOLD strike against a Warp Gate hidden in my territory … that would have succeeded and tipped the balance considerably … except I was lucky enough to kill it the turn before - whew! :wink:

A fun game with good battling - thanks @BelSon

I have just finished off my game v @Wassupsucker

Unfortunately wassupsucker was elsewhere during the game being busy irl and couldn’t give it the concentration he wanted

I got an early lead and strangled the life out of his stars getting the middle triangles under control

I would like to get in on this next round if there is space!

Thanks for the insights @BelSon and congrats to the winners!

There’s always space, except if you’re the last one to sign up, then it’s kinda 50/50 :wink: Will notify you when the next round starts and hope to see you then.

@DarkDragonwing @Solfyre @BelSon @Wassupsucker @Dr_Gaming @gaz123

The new EPIC 1v1 KO tournament is starting - consider signing up here.

Afraid I don’t have the slots for another tournament right now so I’ll have to skip out on that one.

I’m in!

Great to have you join the 1v1 fun! Sign up in HULK’s thread for the current 1v1 tournament - the next LLL will likely only start in May.

Count me in too!

@panblanco just conceded in our Legendary Level game for the title. It had the biggest front I’ve every played in a 1v1 and saw him make a fantastic move through the middle which brought me close to giving up. Luckily I had a few good calls subsequently to keep me in the game. Sorry for the sluggish start and kudos to you!

It was a good game :slight_smile: @Trucriot outplayed me. Great job!

While I played this game against @HULK , I recorded all of my moves. I have finally gotten around to editing together all of the clips, and I now have a full three hour long video for you all to watch documenting each one of my actions and why:

Unfortunately I missed out on recording one of my turns, so the moves from tick 138 aren’t in there. But if you take a look at this video, you’ll at least see how a top 30% player plays their 1v1 games. And you may be able to directly counter me in future games :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty awesome recording - can’t say I watched the ENTIRE video … but good job capturing it.

I think a “step-by-step” screenshot might be a more effective way to show it … and shorter … :wink:

This is so sick, must have been quite the effort! Only watched the beginning and end for now, but it should be of great help especially to the new 1v1 players. Respectable to choose a game against the HULK for this kind of exercise :wink:

Would it help if I released the footage day-by-day rather than the entire thing in the one video? I think a day (four turns) is roughly 20-30 minutes of footage.

I intend to document most/all of my 1v1 games from here on out. The hardest thing is finding the time - previously I could just take my turns whenever, but now I need to find time to sit down and record my turns, with the side effect that I play slower (and possibly even better) than if I wasn’t recording.

An idea would be to prepare your turn and then just quickly explain the key decision points, recording the latter part and maybe pushing the time down to 2 minutes per turn.

The game against Hulk was relatively quick, if you scale that up to a 300+ tick game the video length would get out of bounds I assume.

Very cool stuff, I will definitely watch it after our game, just don’t want to get influenced by it, as I think I’m definitely not up for such mind games yet XD.

Making a series out of it would be awesome, as I don’t see when I would sit down to watch a 3h video but I would definitely watch 15-20min/day

I second that, preparing the video would be way more work but the quality of the video would also increase a lot.

I made a (much shorter) video of a 3v3 team galaxy from last year - more of a visual spectacle than a teach - but quite fun to do:

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