1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 03/2023]

It feels like being in a boxing match with blindfolds on. :sweat_smile:

Sounds like an apt description! Probably a crazy start into ranked 1v1s for you - you guys are going fast in your game, 216 ticks in just a few days :smiley:

Use the force

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Congrats @FredGarvin.

Took some wild swings at the end, but it turns out that I am not force sensitive.

crazy game with big jumps
sweeps almost got me

@Skilly146 has forfeited our game. We had a really fun initial couple rounds figuring out how these new settings affected gameplay. I raced to an advantage in stars in part thanks to leaving a few strategic carriers around to block his early exploration when we were both working with the 10 ships at our disposal. However, I only had a minimal advantage and he could have easily fought back to parity as more of his ships arrived at the frontline. The uncertainty imposed by the 24h setting made trying to defend my lines an interesting challenge in guesswork! Unfortunately, he then missed two turns in a row, and told me today told me that due to real life factors, he isn’t able to put in enough time to keep playing. GG Skilly and I look forward to a rematch another time!

I have found victory in my match against @Belson in tick 216!

I thought the 24 hour turns were really interesting and would love to play more if it.

Well played @Lex! Lex managed to take me down quickly and efficiently, and I had very little chance to recover.

I didn’t particularly like the 24 tick jumps. I remember in the early days of the LLL (or was it still in Hulk’s tournaments?) we reduced the jumps from 8 ticks down to 6 ticks to allow finer control of the galaxy without it being a make-a-move-every-tick micro-managing game. I think 24 tick jumps went too far in the opposite direction, and while there is still a lot of opportunity for strategic thinking and predicting opponent’s moves, I wouldn’t want to see this change return in the LLL setting.

I think with 24 tick jumps it becomes a game of who can out-fox the opponent at levels so high that it almost becomes random and you can do whatever you want that isn’t blatantly obvious and get away with it

I’ve been defeated by @Solfyre in game 1, despite sacking my enemy’s home star. It’s difficult to describe how the game went - I think I was just too flat-footed.

Nicely done, and congrats on re-gaining the LLL Title!

My best thoughts are: once ship production ramped up enough to where homestar production was just a portion of the overall, i ramped up attacks leaving many stars unguarded in the process. The thinking: as long as i could take more than lose, then Im winning. I think i was slowly able to gain momentum by having more stars and thus more production. I also got an early economic lead… not sure how i did that. Maybe research choices? I had a couple levels of terra ahead in the early stages. What did you have instead early on? I cant recall, maybe range? Scanning is also under rated. I had level 2 a long time before you did.

Was a good game @plug . You nabbing my honestar sure was a surprise. I went full on star grabbing mode after that.

Sorry for my choppy dissection, just my thoughts as they came out. Turned out being a fun game after all.

I have conceded defeat against @Gissni. Very well played! The game was close… until it wasn’t.

I have conceded my game against @spymort , after missing a turn early on I thought I might make it back, (Even though it’s an even bigger disadvantage in a game with 24 hour turns), and I actually did manage to pull ahead for a while, but @spymort fought bravely and they used the nature of the 24 hour game to repeatedly seize some of my further back stars, allowing them to eventually grow a significant economic lead. We are still very much equal in ships, but all of my productions has fallen very far behind at this point as my attacks didn’t really make any headway while @spymort 's kept peeling resources from me.

Although I enjoyed the game, I must say 24 hour turns are not my thing, in the beginning it was fine, but as the game moved to the later stages my brain kind of died with the number of possibilities the game had.

Anyway thank you for a good game @spymort and a well deserved win, you played the 24 hour turns of this game much better than I did!

Thanks for playing. Was a bit worried when you were able to hold such a ship lead for so long, but I stuck to my plan of sniping your richer stars and it paid off in the end

I can imagine! Think I’d have permanent analysis paralysis haha.