1v1 Legendary Level League [LLL 05/2022]

Aho from Discord is in too, forum entry just isn’t approved yet. So I’m gonna prepare everything now, sign-ups are closed.

Sign me up pls

Bit late now unfortunately, but if one more player signs up in the next hours you’re in.

Actually I’ll be too busy to prepare everything for some time, so if anyone else wants to jump in and join the fun as well as help @AliKebab secure a spot feel free until I write otherwise in this thread again.

Count me in

Nat20 is Aho from Discord by the way, so there’s still one spot open for whoever wants to take it.

I’ll take it. at first I thought I wouldn’t cuz I am absolute crap at 1v1’s and it would just take up a slot but i guess playing is the only way to improve :slight_smile:

Never worry about taking up a slot, plus the LLL is actually the best place to improve your 1v1 play casually over time. Regardless, I don’t think anyone competing here is crap at 1v1s. There is definitely a self-selection bias, meaning that mostly extremely skilled players sign up for tournaments again and again. So in my eyes if you return and face a new 1v1 challenge repeatedly you’re already a very good player. Don’t forget the 95%+ of NP2 players who never dare to sign up in the first place :wink:

I’ll get to setting everything up this evening.

Time to kick things off - 5 starting stars means many more starting ships than usual as well, so watch out!

Here’s the 9 match-ups based on my calculations (countries and Top28 world ranks shown in brackets):

  1. @Solfyre [US-1] vs. @plug [GB-3]
  2. @Lex [CA-10] vs. @Dr_Gaming [RS-5]
  3. @spymort [AU-11] vs. @BelSon [AU-14]
  4. @Satirael [DK-17] vs. @MalcolmReynolds [US-21]
  5. @MLaZz [SI-26] vs. @OneBlue [AM]
  6. @Necria vs. @drgert
  7. @Bio-M6 vs. @Nat20
  8. @BattleBorn vs. @AliKebab
  9. @Kir vs. @tenerezu [MX]

Use the according map link I provided for your game in @Dysp’s tournament tracking tool - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 1v1 - please join your game with your forum username this week and post in the forum when the game ends.

New players: Feel free to send me your prefered flag for your future spot in the world rankings.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

We live in/near Seattle, WA, USA. Please use a stock image you already have.

The far and mysterious country of fries, beer ,chocolate and waffles.


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Thanks for all the flag submissions, also via DMs! And while Belgium may not be that far away for me, it’s a first in the world rankings, so that’s cool :sunglasses:

I’ll join my game early next week as I won’t be available over the weekend. I’ve communicated with @spymort so they know.

What the HELL!!!
I just quit before the first turn :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
this has happened 2 times before when in a turn game I quit instead of submitting my turn.:person_facepalming:
sorry MLaZz.


Oh damn. Given that it was the first turn, it will just count as a forfeit for the rankings (low weight). But if both you and @MLaZz want I can set you up with another one for LLL purposes?

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No problem with me if you can set up another game.

Our match is over. I won. Drgert went slightly too heavy on science early on, and I got the better of the early border battles in the two key battlegrounds and was able to build a lead in all the key metrics. Thanks Drgert for first NP 1v1.

@Dr_Gaming your first turn is due in a few hours! - don’t want you to miss it

Ofc if MLaZz wants you can just give him the win, but i would still like to play a game :slight_smile: