3 Open Positions! New Game Here! Join Now!

Here’s the new game! Let’s bury the Blight!

Just joined. Still 2 open positions in the map.

1 position open now and then we can destroy us some Zombies

I’m in, but It would be a huge help if you could join this game instead

password is “pass”

That’s strange. For some reason when I try to join I get no “Deck Essentials”. Did you set them off for this map now?

Edit: To clarify, I’m trying to join as the south eastern Orc settlement, the one closest to the Eastern Hydras

Yep, I now have the code in so that we can start customising what cards are in the Essentials.

Oh that sounds nice, so a map that’s more focused to a certain play style will have Essential common cards more suited for that?

Yes, and not just common cards, we could pack them full of rares. The idea being the game “lends” you cards to play with for this map.

In single player we can then start to make maps that basically “require” a card to be able to win, but it would suck if you haven’t collected that card yet.

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