64 man turn-based conqueror

Is there any scope for getting a 64 man turn-based game going with a turn-based conqueror badge?

I’d like to do a 64 man but don’t have the time for a 64 man real time.

@JayKyburz- This sounds like something I might sign up for. I’ve done a 64-man realtime but the amount of time it took at the end was fairly insane!

Without or without the conqueror badges. a 64-man turn based sounds fun.

@JayKyburz @Anyone
Is this something you can setup for me? I would create the game myself but I only have the option for a 16 man game size max…

if done, a year from now you will still be playing.

Suits me!

Can you make it happen?

You could try a 32 player game first perhaps and see how many players would be interested?

I also don’t have the time for any serious realtime games. I’d be interested in joining either 32 or even 64 player TB game.