A story of lawyers, estate planning, memorials and death

I’d like to share a fun exchange in a 64 player game. I’ll share message logs below. And start with a little backstory.

To start off in the very beginning of the game Zouss created a large group chat with a simple message: To heed the advice of Sun Tzu. He went on to explain how he would easily defeat us all because of his wisdom and experience. A few days later he was down to one star.

this is Zouss

Listen up, everyone,

It’s time to face the harsh truth, and I’m not one to sugarcoat it. I’m known as Zouss, a name that’s meant to be synonymous with domination and calculated victories. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans and all that?

Cycle 9, and I’ve got to admit it straight up – I didn’t live up to the hype. You see, the universe had other ideas. From the very start, luck turned its back on me. I was dealt a pitiful hand with fewer stars than the norm, and those stars? Well, they were like a miser’s stash – less than 10 resources per star. Not exactly the cosmic jackpot I was expecting.

To add insult to injury, my first two rounds of experience went into scanning. Yeah, you heard me right. Scanning. As if I needed to be told what I already knew at level 5. Talk about a waste of precious resources. And that’s not all – my opponent? Oh, they got lucky. Their experience went into weapons, just when I needed them not to. It’s like the universe decided to have a laugh at my expense.

So, what did I do? Well, I threw my lot in, thinking maybe an early attack could turn things around. But fate, oh fate, it had a different script in mind. My opponent got weapons just in time to shut down my desperate bid for growth. It’s like they say, “Fortune favors the lucky,” or something like that.

Look, I may not have dominated this time around, but don’t you dare count me out. This isn’t over – not by a long shot. The universe might have had its fun, but I’m not about to let a bad cycle define me. So, keep your eyes on the stars, because Zouss may have stumbled, but I’m about to rise like a cosmic phoenix. Failure is just another stepping stone on the path to greatness, and mark my words, I’ll reclaim my name.

Stay tuned, because the saga isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

In determination and defiance,


I am Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman
You brilliant bastard. Fate was cruel to your nation despite your apparent genius and wisdom. But you know nothing is certain except death and taxes. As an attorney I would be happy to take over your estate and have named Defiance of Zouss and Sun Tzu in your memory.

Please wire over all remaining credits to Grasshopper who will transfer to AshCrack who will then wire the remaining credits to me as a memorial fee. This ensures that I will preserve your namesake stars in perpetuity.


These are the memorial stars that I am still protecting.

So unfortunately Zouss was on the complete opposite side of the map. Why he originally messaged me at all in the first place is anyone’s guess. But I shot my shot and opened up a group chat with Grasshopper, AshCrack and of course Zouss

Meet Grasshopper
And AshCrack

Saul Goodman
Gentleman, Zouss is heading to an early retirement. As his estate attorney I will be managing what assets he has left as well as his memorial stars Defiance of Zouss and Sun Tzu. As per our agreement Zouss will be wiring all remaining credits to Grasshopper who will send to AshCrack who will finally wire the remaining balance to me. Federal regulations allow a maximum service tax of 20 credits per transfer.

i will assist in the transfer
I have received no money so far and he is about to lose his last star

Saul Goodman
C’est la vie I’m just having fun if he has a chance to send it before perishing

Understood .

All heil Zouss, may he live on in our hearts till the final light shines through the galaxy.

Saul Goodman,

I appreciate your diligence in managing my cosmic affairs during this transition. While my reign as Zouss may be coming to an end, I am grateful for the expertise you bring to this matter.

In accordance with our agreement, I hereby authorize the transfer of my remaining credits to Grasshopper. A total of 180 big ones shall find their way to his coffers, thanks to your careful orchestration.

I trust that this process shall be executed smoothly and with the utmost integrity. Your assistance in this matter is invaluable, and I hold the assurance of a seamless transition in high regard.

May the cosmic winds guide this transaction to its completion, and may my legacy resonate through the stars.

With gratitude and respect,


180 smackers passed over to AshCrack

Zouss good luck and do not go quietly into the night

180 honkerdonkers sent to Saul Goodman.

As the lights of Zouss slowly dim, we let out a single tear

Saul Goodman
Thank god there are a few good men left. I appreciate your integrity gentlemen


A few ticks later and Zouss had been annihilated. Not much later than that and the cash was in my hand. Just another day doing business in the galactic wasteland.

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The potential for this is what keeps me coming back to NP. Unfortunatly, most of the time my attemts at beeing an attorny, judge or banker dont go this well… -.-’

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Yeah it’s such a huge difference when you have people who are committed. It can be a lot more fun when you get interactions like this.

What a fascinating story, macewindu! It’s intriguing to see the twists and turns in a game like this. Zouss’s message is a testament to the ups and downs that can happen in strategic games. It’s all about adapting and rising from setbacks.
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In both gaming and life, the determination to overcome obstacles is a common thread.