Ability predict to the amount of bulk infrastructure built before clicking buy

Would be cool to have a predict button for the amount of infrastructure that’ll be bulk purchased. Example: Say I’m considering spending $3000 on industry. I click the predict button and it tells me it will only build 40 industry, but could also build 35science. It’s a good reminder that my stars are already saturated with industry, and spending on science is more efficient.

Right now a workaround is clicking buy, noting the amount built, then instantly refreshing the page so the action doesn’t go through to the server. It works 95% of the time, but sometimes the action sends instantly and can’t be canceled. Plus it would be a neat planning feature for players to actually see these numbers before spending all their cash.

Then again, maybe I’m just being lazy for not looking at the average price in the galaxy tab and doing the math myself lol. Just a thought I had.


YES this! have often wished for this