Add "Research Next NEXT" which is helpful for turn-based games

So I’m in a 24-hour turn game here.

Lots of resources and big galaxy and I’ve currently got 178 Science … so lots of tech being researched. But because I can only specify a “Researching Now” and “Researching Next”, I can only develop two different techs during the 24-hour jump … even though I may very well want to do a third.

For instance, lets say I’m almost done with Scan and also want one more level of Hyper. So I would say Research Scan Now, and then when done, Research Hyper Next. But when that next level of Hyper is finished, I’d like to then switch to Manu (Weapons are disabled in this game).

What could be added to address this is a “Research Next Next” option … which IMHO would be pretty handy for turn-based games, especially those with long jump turns. I’ve bumped into this issue in other games too.

P.S. I’ve mentioned this before, but it would be nice consistency if the order of techs on the Intel Charts would be the same as on the research tab - i.e. Scan-Hyper-Terra-Exp-Weapons-Bakning-Manu.


Maybe this should be called " Reasearch Third ".

So when the first research is completed, then " Reasearch Third " advances into " Reasearch Next ".

I think If I were going to do this I would just make it a full queue to allow any number of techs in a row.

What is the combat like in that 24 hour long turn game? It must be crazy.

xjhdexter: Yep, as a previous technology is finished, the “order” moves forward. And sure, maybe “Research Third” is a better wording.

Jay: I don’t know if I’d do a “full queue” - clutters up the UI a bit and adds complexity … I just think one more is probably enough. And yea, combat in 24 hour game is kinda nuts as obviously it is a big LURCH forward. First time I’ve played one with that long of jump ticks - prefer shorter duration. However, it has been a good game so far, although we had the “required” number of AFK’ers early on that upset the play a bit.

P.S. Don’t forget my PS above about making the Intel Charts order consistent with the research tab.

I think the consistency of the order of techs is the easy part.

Cool - that should be an easy change and the consistency would be appreciated.

BTW, as you can imagine in 24-hour jump turn games, there is a LOT of events generated. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this (?), but your event log is ordered newest first … but it “messes up” on page breaks.

I.e. in the most recent turn (which went from tick 528 to 552), the first page has events at tick 549 to 529 (as you scroll down) … but then the second page stars at tick 552 and goes to 550 … and then jumps to 528 - i.e. the previous cycle.

And since I’m on roll with bumping threads (!), I’ll do this one too since in 24 hour turn games, this feature would be nice to have … plus there’s a few other minor issues mentioned that it sounds like Jay is open to fixing.

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I’ve had this issue in a few turn based games and now that I’ve joined a 24tick/turn game I can see it being a big issue. I’d love to have a ‘queue’ button added to pick the order to research similar to the carrier star queue options.

Another nice option would be a ‘research whatever is closest to finishing next’ option so when experimentation hits you know that you will automatically start researching that tech next.

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