Adjust intel frequency in turn-based games

It would be great if the frequency of data points on the Intel graphs were taken on a turn-by-turn basis in turn-based games. Or at least altered for the 8 tick turn case.

The 6 tick frequency is really odd when you’re playing 8 ticks per turn. Out of the 4 updates you get per cycle, one is mostly redundant, and two others are potentially outdated by the time you see them.


+1 strong agree. In turn based games the intel and turn frequency should match.

I accept gaps of timely data as part of the ugly chaos of war. It adds a bit of realism to NP2 on the strategic side, making up for lack of star powered cut scenes, or high intensity graphics.

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It adds another of strategy too. Betray an ally by sharing all your tech with his enemy? Do it the tick after intel reports and he won’t know for a while.